UX Strategy

It’s tempting to start designing fancy solutions and is often one of the main pitfalls organizations fall into. However, taking the time to uncover business goals, align business and user objectives, clarify who our user really is, what their customer journey really looks like and more, are all absolutely necessary steps before starting any medium to large UX project. I can help with carrying out research, running interviews and workshops and of course producing the final deliverable.

  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Persona Development
  • User Journey Mapping Workshops
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Design Principles


Research & Testing

I have extensive experience with all research and testing techniques and can confidently say that they will uncover insight and knowledge, not available any other way. I can suggest the method best suited to your project, run tests, analyse results and produce actionable recommendations firmly based on the data collected.

  • UX Audit (Heuristic evaluation, Cognitive Walkthrough)
  • Usability Testing
  • AB Testing
  • Surveys
  • Card Sorting / Tree Testing / First Click Testing
  • Ethnographic Field Studies
  • Focus Groups & Interviews
  • Clickstream Analysis


Information & Interaction Design

Before the stage of web design, it is imperative to ensure you have a solid foundation and structure, based on your product or service, able to effectively showcase your content and interact with users in an intuitive and engaging way. This is where the following disciplines can guide web designers and help create superior digital experiences.

  • Information Architecture
  • User Journey Mapping
  • Content Strategy
  • Wireframing


Optimization & Personalization

By combining methods and services, I can form a specific, short or long term plan, centered around the end result of your choice. Many businesses focus on running a specific Conversion Rate Optimization project, where we work to improve certain KPIs. Others are looking to improve their overall UX, focusing on customer satisfaction indicators. Finally, some businesses are interested in entering the Personalization “game”, attempting to optimize their site for each unique visitor. After an initial meeting, I can recommend a solution, along with all the stages and services it includes.


Consulting & Coaching

Apart from specific services and solutions, I also consult businesses who are looking for expert advice or support, a UX-specific opinion, which will guide them through certain choices during a project they may be running themselves. By working in a more “consulting capacity” I can offer the back up you need, providing you with the confidence and expert knowledge you may be lacking.


In house training

I’m happy to design and run a tailor-made training course based on the needs of your team, as I have done in the past for major e-Tailers, large FMCGs, publishers as well as agencies. A UX course can range from a short introductory presentation to UX, to a week-long (or longer) in-depth training course, aimed at digital execs who need hands-on training with real life cases.

Public Speaking & Training

Despite not being terribly extroverted, I have come to love public speaking and have become one of the most prolific speakers and trainers on UX matters in Greece. Over the past decade I have run numerous training courses, given keynote presentations, conducted in-house training and am always looking for opportunities to educate and inspire on all things UX.

  • e-Academy & Excelixi (regular trainer since the beginning of the program)
  • Institute of Communications
  • Eltrun E-business Research Center of AUEB
  • Digitized Conference & Workshops
  • Boussias Communications Conferences
  • Panorama Epixeirimatikothtas & Start Up Lab
  • e-Business & Social Media World Conferences

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