Am I right for you?

Are you working on a new digital project and want to ensure that UX issues are tackled right from the start? Are you looking to improve an existing project but don’t have the time or skills to effectively optimize your site? Do you feel your team could benefit from UX training? If so, I can help.

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  • I can help formulate your overall UX vision and develop a solid UX strategy, which will inform all relevant business and design decisions in the future. This will make stakeholders’ life so much easier and will ensure that the end product always has the user in mind.
  • I can perform UX testing with real users, uncover invaluable insight about your product and website and validate design choices before they are rolled out to your full audience. User Testing, Tree Testing, First Click Testing and many other research techniques are all fast, accessible and truly valuable methods.
  • I can analyze your existing data and make sense of it all, uncover trends, hidden problems or opportunities you could be missing. Data is readily available to all. Turning it into actionable insight is the tricky part.
  • I can design and run a customized training course for your teams, educate them on UX theory, methods and applications and help them manage the day-to-day challenges of their work, without the constant need for agencies and experts.

Ways to work together

In terms of working arrangements, I am happy to adapt to your needs and the goals you are looking to achieve. Here is what I am comfortable with and more importantly, what I am not.

Consulting or Leading

I can provide support through consulting and coaching your team, or I can take the lead, run specific research and produce workable deliverables for you.

In-house or Remote

I am happy to work in house (client side or agency) as part of your team, or remotely, checking in with you over meetings.

Agile or Waterfall

I can adapt to various working styles, and have hands on experience in both agile and waterfall methodologies.

Time & Availability

My only limitation is my time (which is of course finite) and I am determined to ONLY take on the volume of work for which I can deliver excellent results – on time.

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